How Marketing Research Can Help You as a Marketing Leader

Marketing decisions are driven by data these days. It is the surest way to understand your audience and pivot your strategy to end with the best results possible. As a marketing leader, there are a few tests you can run on the data you’ve collected from a survey or a focus group, etc.

A/B Test or what is known as a T-Test is when you compare the significance between two pieces of data to determine if one is performing better than the other. If the value comes out insignificant, it means your results are inconclusive which will tell you not to make a pivot to your strategy.

Anova test is another you can try. This approach is also testing to see if there is a statistical difference in your data groups, however, this can be done on three of more pieces of data groups instead of just two (like A/B test and t-test).

The next time you are gathering primary data for your company, be sure to research these statistical tests to ensure you’re making the best decisions possible as a marketing leader.

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