What a Successful Social Media Virtual Event Entails

Since the global pandemic, in-person events have either cancelled or evolved to an online setting. This shift in the digital age has caused a spike in social media virtual events and it is time to jump on board, marketers.

Virtual Event in Action

Take the brand Zodica Perfumery for example. During the pandemic, they did not want their customers to miss out on an opportunity to still shop with them in a more interactive way. To achieve this, they hosted a Facebook Live virtual event where they walked around the store and showed off different merchandise, talking about it and showing it up close to the camera. Shoppers can watch and shop from home! They just has to submit their online order directly on the social media post lead gen form and their order would be delivered to them that week. The virtual event was a success.

What’s Next

Remember, a lead gen form is the best way to capture the information needed for a customer to take that next step during your social media virtual event. Be sure to launch your event at a peak time that is sure to create a buzz. Now that you can see a successful virtual event take place by a popular perfume brand, get out there and give it a try for your brand, too. Best of luck.

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