Creating Favorable Attitudes From Consumers

Marketers pay attention to consumer behavior and plan strategic ways to create favorable attitudes from advertising. Looking at Martin Fishbein’s multi-attribute model, we know that positive attitudes consist desirable attributes and negative attitudes consist of undesirable attributes in ads.

Positive Belief Rating

The below ad is to promote healthy eating from a health organization. The ad states “Good for you, good for your wallet.” This keeps the positive attitude about saving money and it being “good for your wallet”. This will provoke a belief rating of positivity.

Negative Belief Rating

This ad is from the same health organization promoting healthy eating and spreading awareness. The ad starts out with provoking a negative attitude as it states, “Eating healthy is expensive.” This creates undesirable attributes from the consumer. The ad goes on to debunk the myth and talk about how fruit is actually cheaper than snacks and it is backed by research. Grabbing at the negative attitude to start the ad is another way to create favorable attitudes toward your product, brand or initiative.

The So-What

When looking at the belief ratings of the multi-attribute model, keep in mind how to create favorable attitudes in your advertising. Before creating your next ad campaign, ask yourself this, “What aspect of consumers’ attitudes do we need to focus on in order to create favorable attitudes?”

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