Diving Into Digital

Haden Collective interviews the owner of BondFire Strategy, Jordan Walker. We discuss how digital marketing has changed in recent years and what marketers can do to prepare for the ever-changing digital environment. Join us to learn more about digital marketing from the guru herself.

Jordan Walker is the owner of BondFire Strategy in Wichita, Kansas. She is most known for her skills in marketing analytics and deep knowledge of digital platforms. Throughout her career, she’s led teams to activate lead generation campaigns and successful online advertising campaigns for mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies.

After a decade of implementing online tactics, she’s focused on building cohesive strategy that aligns with organizational goals and the customer journey. Working with entrepreneurs, advocacy groups and in-house marketing teams, she strives to share her knowledge and identify opportunities to learn new tricks. Find her and her company on LinkedIn and connect to see more digital tips for fellow marketers like you.

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