How to Start a Relationship Analysis in Your Marketing Research

Relationship analysis is one of the most important sections of analyzing results from your marketing research. Take a simple survey for example. If you deployed a brand study survey to your targeted customers for feedback on who your brand is and where it should be headed in the next 3-5 years, you’ll want to analyze the results and check to see if there are relationships between variables from the survey data.

Relationship Analysis Steps

There are seven steps to achieving the results you need from a relationship analysis. You’ll want to start with choose the two variables you want to analyze from your data set. Next, you’ll need to determine if the variables are categorical or metric. From there, you’ll want to investigate if and how two variables are related by conducting a crosstabs analysis (categorical) or a correlation analysis (metric).

It is now time to run a test to check for the statistical significance between the two variables. If your variables are categorical, you will run a chi-square test. If your variables are metric, you will run a correlation coefficient (r) test.

The next step will be to determine the direction of the pattern between the two variables. Are they moving positively or negatively in the same direction or are they moving in opposite directions (I.E. one goes up, the other goes down)? Along with this step, you will want to look at the strength of the association. Is one weaker and therefore does not influence the other? It is important to make this determination during this step.

The final step is to interpret the results. In this stage, you will be able to tell the relationship analysis between the two variables.

Why Does This Matter to Me?

Relationship analysis will help you determine if there is a relationship between the consumption of digital advertising for your brand versus the consumption of print advertising for your brand.  Does the age of the person affect how your digital and print ads are consumed? How does brand quality impact customer satisfaction? These are all questions that might be from your original brand survey that you can now answer through relationship analysis. This matters because any marketer will need to make data-driven decisions on their brand going forward.

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