Surveys: the good, the bad and the ugly

The Good

Good survey questions can bring you good data results. As a marketer, be sure to build your surveys with these aspects in mind. 1. A clear question flow. A question flow allows you to categorize your questions into brand awareness, likelihood to purchase and likelihood to recommend. This keeps viewers answering questions that are on topic with on another. 2. Use sliders, dials or drag and drop features in your survey. This keeps viewers engaged. 

The Bad

A bad survey is one with leading questions and can seem overloaded. Leading questions are questions that sway the reader one way or another with the way it is asked. A bad survey does not use unbiased questions. Loaded questions are another way to confuse the reader. When you load a question inside another question, you end up with poor results on the survey and very little data to use in the end.

The Ugly

Ugly survey questions rarely receive responses. This involves questions with double negatives which can lead your reader astray. Ugly surveys can also have unorganized categories in the formatting. This means the reader is jumping from one random question to the next and it doesn’t feel like they connect. Overall, ugly survey questions do not get you the results you actually need in the end.

In closing, be in The Good category. Understand what types of questions are going to get you the results you need. Otherwise, you’ll be spending precious time and money on questions that lead you nowhere.

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