Let’s Talk Funnel Conversions

In the Digital Space

As marketers, we become giddy inside to see our conversion rates rise. It can be an adrenaline rush knowing that your marketing plan is working. Have you stopped to think about the different conversions that take place within one funnel? Let’s explore a few examples and see.

The Purchase AKA the Prime Conversion

When a digital marketing campaign is set up, especially in the online shopping world, one can assume the end goal is to buy something. When a consumer clicks check out and follows through with the purchase, the marketer behind-the-scenes sees a conversion happen. These types of conversions give you your true return on investment (ROI).

Marketers can set a percentage to the purchases or conversions on the shopping website. This becomes your conversion rate, letting you know what percentage of people who are in your online funnel have actually taken the action step to buy. It’s the follow through that gives us our percentages.

Other Types of Conversions

Is there more than one way to convert an online prospect? Absolutely. A conversion can be counted when you have someone fill out a form on your website to receive more information on a product. Boom, conversion. You can also count a conversion if someone comes to your website and downloads a brochure. These smaller conversions still count in the overall digital funnel.

You can apply the conversion rate percentage to these smaller conversions or “action steps” to monitor the activity and effectiveness. Check back on your conversion rates month-over-month to ensure you’re improving the user experience and call-to-action. These are key in converting online shoppers, no matter the conversion scale.

All Conversions Matter

Whether it is downloading a brochure, filling out an online form, or making the final purchase on a website; each smaller conversion is needed to make the bigger purchase decision happen. Count the downloaded brochure rate, do a little dance for the form fills and celebrate the wins when a purchase is made. Relish in the conversions and you’ll be rewarded with a better understanding of the digital funnel.

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