Visual Perception Using Cool and Warm Colors

As a marketer developing advertisements for your company, you may often wonder, “What arouses visual perception?” There are several important details that arouse visual perception – such as size, shape and color. We are going to expand on the use of color in advertisements.

Cool vs. Warm Colors

Visual perception in advertising can help set our mood and create a non-conscious emotional connection with the brand in front of us. Take Healing Waters Spa for example. They use cool colors on their website such as blues, grays and teals to capture a calming effect as you experience their brand visually. Since cool colors bring a tranquil sense of feeling for us, this is a perfect color psychology to use for this brand.

Moving across the color wheel to warm colors, we start to see a shift in emotions. Warm colors provoke energy and action out of us in a non-conscious manner. Take Harley Davidson motorcycles for example. Harley Davidson uses bright oranges and blacks on their website and in advertisements. This entices the consumer to spring forward and take action. A cooler color would not resonate as well with this audience because of the rebel, adrenaline junkie type of audience this brand has.

Now What?

Now it is time to evaluate the colors you are using in your brand’s logo, website and advertisements. Does it match the visual perception you desire for your brand? Keep in mind that there is a phycology behind the color wheel and how to use colors to provoke certain unconscious feelings toward a brand.

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