The Social Listening Master: Southwest Airlines

Social listening is a powerful tool used to understand what users are saying about your brand or your products across different social media channels. It is important to socially listen for a mention of your brand because it can give you helpful insights into what consumers like and don’t like about your brand or product. It also leaves room for your brand to perform admirable customer service by fixing an issue via social media that a consumer had with their order or experience.

See Social Listening in Action

One of the greatest examples of social listening is done by Southwest Airlines. Southwest monitors its social media channels from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram as well. We see Southwest the most responsive on Twitter where consumers of the brand have learned the pleasant reputation. Because of this reputation, consumers are reaching out amid a crisis and asking for the brand’s help.

Southwest’s immediate response shows excitement to jump in and help the woman. It also shows a sense of compassion for its users online.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Southwest would not have been able to find this woman’s request, let alone others who mention the brand across it’s thousands of online consumers. Because Southwest has a dedicated team of social media experts, and a software program that actively listens for the brand to be mentioned across Twitter, they were successful at making a woman’s day by flying a bridesmaid dress to a destination wedding just in time for the big day.

Social listening is powerful. Take a hint from the ones doing it well. Southwest has proven this by offering unmatchable response rates to all kinds of questions, comments and concerns under the sun through social listening.  

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