Build Your Brand Culture & Relevance

Cultural usefulness is important for brands to leverage in order to stay afloat in today’s market. Brands fail when they try to interrupt its consumers and instead need to become part of a culture OR create its own brand culture for consumers to be a part of.

Microsoft Leading The Way

According to the Impact Of Culture, 25% of product purchases were driven by cultural relevance. Let’s look at a brand who is doing it right. Microsoft broke into the flight simulator gaming community in recent years.

For Microsoft, building a brand culture not only meant creating a community, but truly becoming relevant in the gaming culture as a whole to create a thought leader presence. By establishing themselves as the authority for gaming, they are making themselves culturally relevant.

So How Is Microsoft Doing It? Microsoft became a part of the Twitch community and used group identity to quickly gain trust and acceptance across the Twitch platform.

Now What?

Now that you understand the importance of cultural usefulness in branding and how one of the more well-known brands is doing it, be sure to benchmark these use cases and start to use cultural usefulness for yourself to elevate your own brand. Best of luck in the process.

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