The Three Must-Have Elements of Content Marketing

The Three Must-Have Elements of Content Marketing

As a marketer, you want to engage an audience through content marketing. But how exactly is this defined? Content marketing is delivering relevant and interesting pieces of text, imagery, audio or video to an audience while paving the way for a sale.

Content marketing is made up of three main elements. The first, is being able to move your audience with the content piece. Next, is earning the attention of your audience through humor or storytelling. And last, create a spark with your content piece. Let’s take a look at one brand doing content marketing well.

Nike Moves Its Audience

Nike uses “Just Do It” as its message in content pieces in the awareness stage. Nike introduces a product image or video with more of an emotional message such as, “Everyone loses games. Few change them.” in the consideration stage. For the final conversion stage, Nike delivers a seamless content experience with user generated videos and imagery on its social media platforms to land the sale.

Nike Wins at Storytelling

To earn the attention of its audience, Nike takes to storytelling well in its video called A story of State, City and the Swoosh. Brand stories can be hard to describe and for the most part, only the employees working for that brand become excited about its story. But Nike did something different. It took a story about an innovative campus, a rich history and blended it together with great storytelling to earn the attention of its audiences.

Nike Creates A Spark

Ahead of the NBA All-Star game, Nike uses a light up court, strobe lighting and a branded backdrop to help bring an experience to life. Being able to create a spark with your brand will capture audiences attention and the emotional tie to the event will help with brand recall.

What’s Next?

Now that you have the three elements of content marketing in your back pocket – move your audience, earn audience attention and create a spark – it’s time to look at how these great content marketing elements can be applied to your own brand or business. Remember these steps and you are sure to have a successful outcome.

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