Using Brand-Related Emotions in Today’s Advertising

Every marketer would like to connect with its audience in the form of messaging, visuals and other promotional content. In order to do this, marketers must be aware of brand-related emotions. These are emotions categorized into three main focus areas.

  • Basic Emotions: Happiness, Anger, Sadness
  • Self-Conscious Emotions: Pride, Guilt, Embarrassment
  • Compound Emotions: Love, Empathy, Depression

Coca Cola & The Three Emotion Types

Let’s take a look at a brand who does brand-related emotions well. Coca Cola introduced the Open Happiness campaign riding on the basic emotion of happiness. It pulled at the self-conscious emotions by displaying its first ever “pride” campaign supporting the LGBTQ community. This emotion comes from belonging to a group and focuses on the connection with others. Coca Cola resonated with this audience by displaying compound emotions in their advertisements – such as empathy. Empathy can go a long way in the LGBTQ community and this brand did it right.

The So-What

Coca Cola knew how to speak about the feeling of happiness, draw on the self-conscious emotion of pride and really connect with its audience through empathy. Because Coca Cola can lean in to the three types of emotions in their advertising, they are able to create greater brand love and in return, greater brand loyalty from this group of individuals. Keep the three emotion types in mind as you’re creating your next marketing message. And good luck.

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