How to Create a Successful Digital Ecosystem

A digital ecosystem is made up of three marketing funnel phases and matched with online consumer behavior to create a seamless customer journey from brand awareness until a conversion is made. It’s important as a marketer to establish a digital ecosystem for your brand to ensure you are always staying relevant and not eroding your marketing efforts.

A Digital Ecosystem in Action

Let’s take a look at a successful digital ecosystem done well. Athleta is among some of the top women’s sporting apparel to date. It targets middle aged women and is a branch of the Gap’s main brand. In the brand awareness stage, Athleta shows up in the top five paid ads on a Google search. Since this stage reflects 75% of website traffic is searched, it is imperative that Athleta show up toward the top of initial Google searches in the brand awareness stage.

In the consideration stage, online users are actively engaging with a brand’s content. In this stage, we will see consumer reviews being looked at and considered before the next stage can occur. For Athleta, the brand shows up on many different review sites making their brand feedback more accessible. Looking at Yelp, they have four stars in my location area which is a good score to have for a business. The reviews range from detailed in-person encounters to online experiences. Athleta is smart to keeping all feedback accessible to future customers online throughout different websites. This is important for the consideration stage.

Athleta runs sales all the time for their brand. In the purchase stage, giving the audience motivation to take that final step and purchase a product, sometimes all it takes is a good promotional deal. For Athleta, they know Spring is around the corner and women will start being more active outdoors (or at the gym with businesses opening up again after the pandemic). This means Athleta is running a 20% off store-wide (and online) for the month of March. This temptation is just what an audience needs to take the step to conversion before Spring is here.

The Takeaway

Athleta has proven its digital ecosystem is viable to its customer base. This brand has been able to build a successful digital ecosystem in which we can benefit from by benchmarking their efforts. As a marketer, be sure to take these steps into consideration as you build your own digital ecosystem for your brand. You will reap the rewards if you do.

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