Mental Mapping For A Cereal Brand

Mind Mapping or Mental Mapping is a term used when marketers are conducting qualitative research to measure their brand’s equity. Mental mapping is an important step when trying to understand the free associations affiliated with your brand.

How do you use mental mapping for branding?

Let’s take Magic Spoon for example. This is a healthy cereal brand that appeals to adults with child-like flavors and designs on the box. If you were a marketer for Magic Spoon, you would conduct qualitative research and would do a free association exercise on a group of your current customers. Let’s say your customers choose these five main words to go with your brand. This means this is your customer’s perception of your brand.

Key Takeaway

As a marketer, your customer’s perception of your brand is important and plays into your overall brand equity measurement. Be sure to spend time on the qualitative research portion of your brand study and be sure that free association techniques such as building a mental map with your focus group is part of your core agenda. You just might thank me later.

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