Experiential Marketing in the Digital Space

Brands are facing a shift into the digital space more than ever. According to PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook, virtual reality has the largest growth over a forecasted 5-year span. Next came over-the-top which refers to streaming television online.

A lot of the influence to be more digital has come from the pandemic. We knew before the pandemic that marketing was trending toward the digital space, but it was amplified in the last year. The competitive media landscape does not help in that companies are flocking to online advertising, saturating the share of voice.

A Challenge and An Opportunity All In One

Experiential marketing brings your senses to the forefront of an experience. Brands leverage your sense of smell, taste, vision, hearing and touch to convey a message and immerse you in their brand or product.

Now how do you merge this experiential marketing challenge and opportunity with the upward trend of the digital space – specifically – virtual reality and over the top? You create an online immersion that taps into the senses such as vision and hearing. Create an ambiance with the visuals and audio that break norms in the online space.

The Takeaway

It’s time to show the world your brand through VR visuals and audio and online TV streaming. Leverage your brand voice and internal branding elements to build on top of a great online experience. Think different, and good luck.

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