Communication Formats to Analyze

To Better Connect with Your Audiences

Have you dissected the marketing communication formats of your marketing content, yet? Evaluating your creative communication elements as a marketer is a quick way to better understanding your audience and ensuring you will connect with them in your advertising pieces. 

               What do I mean by this? Take an upcoming marketing campaign you are putting together. You have your print ads, your videos, digital advertising, etc. Each placement is made up of many creative elements such as typography, visual layout, musical style, static and moving text, dynamic spacing and so on. It’s important to understand these elements and to analyze them before putting your marketing campaign into action.

               Here’s how. Start with an overall marketing goal. What is the goal of this campaign in terms of marketing communications? Once that is established, what is your communication goal? It should be to inform, connect, persuade, etc. Once you have your goal, you are ready to analyze your marketing elements in your advertising to ensure they ladder up to your overall marketing and communication goals.

               Take music for example. Once you read up on the elements of music, such as rhythm, harmony, musical style and dynamics; you can apply what you’ve learned to each element in your own music ads. This helps you keep your targeted audience top of mind. And allows you to make sure your communication goal is being met through each element.

               Your audience should be top of mind during these evaluations, but just as importantly, your main communication goal as well. We communicate with our audience in mind, it is no different when pulling together marketing communication formats.

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