Build A Brand Community

And Brand Loyalty Will Come

We’re seeing less of a brand loyal following in recent years among brands and its consumers. This shift has caused brands to rethink how to maintain a loyal following.

In this day and age, people are looking for a sense of community. With the rise of social media and an even bigger impact of the pandemic (#alonetogether), we are all searching for a community that holds the same values as us.

Insert: brands who listen to its audiences and see a need for community. These brands are starting communities of their own through social media groups, in-person customer experiences and virtual takeovers. These communities are built [more] organically and allow groups of individuals to share relevant content and a similar passion. It’s about getting brand communities right.

Brands should address product and service conflicts in these communities in order to continue to stay “real” and to gain the feedback necessary to make better strides going forward. Brands need to balance the want to control the community, and the need to empower and influence the community.

Marketing costs will lower with a good brand community. There are more opportunities for word-of-mouth marketing and major influencer potential. The world revolves around influencers right now, and what better way to find them than in your own curated community?

If I can leave you with something, I hope it is this: Brands exists to serve the people within their communities. Always keep the people at the forefront of every marketing goal or objective when it comes to building brand loyalty.

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