The Most Intriguing Digital Marketing Technology on My List

As a marketer, I’m sure many digital marketing trends excite you. For me, the one I want to learn more about is artificial intelligence (AI). When I took my Salesforce Trailblazer certifications online, I learned about Sales Cloud Einstein, which is the artificial intelligence used by Salesforce.

The Integrations

With five years of Salesforce experience as a marketer, I understand how the program can be used as a CRM and tracking system. However, what intrigues me most is the ability for Salesforce to integrate with Marketing Cloud to create an entire email experience. On top of this, Salesforce and Marketing Cloud integrate with Einstein to create truly targeted customer journeys and calculated touch points along the way.

What better way to track an entire customer journey through a seamless process than to map the data and micro conversions from the marketing touch points, all the way to the sales ROI on a purchased product or service? Wow. Get excited.

The So-What

It’s time to better integrate all of your marketing efforts. Use a data hub like Einstein or other artificial intelligence technologies to truly track each touch point and bring big data back to the forefront of your marketing strategy and decision making. After all, you’re only as good as your data, right?

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