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The online customer journey can be complex. There is a shift marketers are making to keep content and user experience (UX) relevant to online audiences. At one point in time, personalization was a marketing trend or “buzz word”. However, many marketers understand the future of all things digital and it needs to feel personal to those on the other end of the screen.

The future is personalization. How do we get ready for it? How do we maintain it?

I have gathered insights from five marketing experts on the topic of personalization in the digital marketing arena, and here’s what they have to say.

Angie Plummer

Chief Marketing Officer at Meritrust Credit Union

“Today, there is so much data on consumer buying behaviors, businesses are rushing to capture their attention first. In my opinion, content crafted for me (using my name) and understanding my next purchase is important. If I receive a message speaking directly to me at the right time, you will have a new customer then and maybe one for life. Marketing is evolving into a customer-centric model and if your brand isn’t already doing this, your message and relevancy to the consumer will fall flat.”

Hector Hernandez

Chief Digital Officer at McCann WorldGroup Miami

“The personalization of any touchpoint between a consumer and a brand should mean maximum relevance. But personalization implies knowing not only the name, gender and age of the person who is being impacted by the communication, but also leveraging details about their context and their historical relationship with the brand. Many companies are very active in capturing data from their consumers, but they fall short in their ability to activate that data to increase relevancy. One thing is the availability of data to personalize the experience – and quite another – the ability to exploit that data to improve marketing performance.”

Devon Fasbinder

Multimedia Content Producer at Textron Aviation

“Consumers and customers want to know they’re being heard and valued, rather than simply being a dollar sign. When companies personalize marketing materials, it shows the company is paying attention to their customer as opposed to taking the sale and moving on. Because consumers are so in tune with marketing practices these days, generic messages that cast a wide net simply don’t cut it anymore.”

Camille Vogl

Customer Experience Specialist – Digital at ADT

“In terms of personalization, it’s really important to understand your audience(s) and segment accordingly. While it might be impossible for some companies to totally personalize an experience, they can at least create profiles based on common behaviors to deliver timely and relevant content. And that’s the important part about personalization; making your site, content and communications relevant to the right person at the right time.”

Karina Stark

Digital Marketing Specialist at Chetu, Inc.

“It is crucial for any brand in order to achieve success to always think about the customer first. Companies tend to forget this major fact, and make decisions based on intuition without properly conducting the necessary research using different marketing methods, such as questionnaires, focus groups, or surveys to understand their target audience’s problem and provide optimal solutions by creating compelling content or strategize on different marketing tactics to improve customer journey and create a powerful and lasting impact. There has never been a better opportunity for brands or marketers to attain the holy grail of reaching the right person with the right message at the right time.”

Your Next Steps

Take the advice from these experts and run. As a marketer, ensure you are tracking the behaviors of your online audiences, whether this is through an analytical tool or artificial intelligence (AI). Research your audiences using focus groups, surveys, etc. to get in their heads and better understand them. The results will help you determine the best roadmap for personalization in the digital space. Take your roadmap and create an outline for a super personalized content strategy that can live and breathe on your website(s).

And finally, analyze your personalization tools and overall plan. Tweak. And tweak again. Keep refining the customer journey to ensure the entire user experience is smooth and personalized to each individual. After all, the future of personalization is a true human to human (H2H) experience.

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