How To Create A Marketing Plan

With Easy Steps To Follow

Creating a marketing plan from scratch can sound daunting, but if you organize each section and create an outline, you will feel better about accomplishing everything.

Business Objectives       

First, you’ll want to start with your business objectives. Business objectives that come from your leadership can be filtered into marketing objectives. Let’s say your marketing objective is to increase sales in the next year. Now, everything you do from here will be about increasing sales. Or, say you want to expand on your brand’s reach. In this case, every effort created in the tactical plan will ladder up to expand on your brand. Be sure to understand your company’s business objects so that you can create marketing objectives to match.

Research Data

               Next, you’ll want to do some research on market share data. What is the market share your company has in a particular category? What trends are you seeing in this category? Any data that can speak to your market, your company performance and trends to help you create a roadmap moving forward will be helpful to capture. Ensure the data you collect is visually appealing to review. Creating data visualization using Tableau is a good start.

Target Audience             

Now, it is time to identify your audience. Find your target audience and target market category in this section. Your product or service should have been created with this audience in mind already. Now, it is time to do some extensive research on who they are, what are their demographics, psychographics and behaviors. Focus on their beliefs, lifestyle and values. This can include buyer personas. This is the most important piece is understanding your audience base.


We have arrived at your marketing strategy. This is taking all your market data and audience insights and combing what you know to create an outline for your marketing initiatives. This section can include some competitive analysis and the overall goals. Understanding the competitive landscape is important here. Set KPIs in this section. What is your internal and external messaging? What is the overall goal to ladder up to your marketing objectives?

Tactical Plan and Calendar

Then, you plug in a tactical plan that will achieve the goals and objectives you have set. The tactical plan includes multi-channel content and a calendar to keep it all aligned. The tactics should have a call-to-action, brining your audiences back for more each time they engage with your brand in some way. This is the final execution phase.


               Last, you want to measure the success of your tactical efforts. It is best to monitor these efforts on a monthly basis but having a post-mortem after a campaign has run is a good idea, too. You can measure numbers in platforms like Tableau or Google Analytics. Some measurements will be eye opening, others not so much. Either way, best of luck on your marketing plan and be sure to follow the steps above as a guide.

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