Content Is King. And Here’s Why.

In this day and age, content is king. Effective content marketing isn’t all that hard to recognize. In order to set up a successful content marketing strategy, you need to be results-driven.

Take Avvo for example, not only did they offer a free Q&A to prospects – which is highly effective when a lead is toward the top of the marketing funnel and is seeking information without dealing with a salesman – but they also shared a statistic on how many seconds someone uses the form.

What is also intriguing to a new lead is the fact that the Q&A is absolutely free. Any legal advice typically costs a lot of money for one attorney’s paid time. Now, Avvo is able to eliminate the barrier of legal fees and opens a brand-new opportunity for those who could not otherwise afford an attorney.

All it takes is one form to get a lead to take the leap of engaging with your brand and services. And as supplemental content with that online form, Avvo provides articles on previously asked questions. This is perfect for any prospect to browse and understand the information at hand.

The So-What

As you are evaluating your content marketing strategy for your business, keep in mind that results matter. Be sure to have a strong call-to-action online form, show statistics of your form and offer value to the prospect with a complimentary Q&A. Then, add on a supplemental content piece and you have a successful piece of content marketing.

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