Common Denominator: Value

What makes a company’s marketing efforts successful? This answer depends. If you’re set up for success as a marketing department, it will help.

Philip Kolter – professor, author and marketing whiz – believes marketing is to create and communicate, and to deliver value to a target market at a profit.

Well, he’s not wrong.

Working in marketing for an aviation manufacturing company, I look at how to create value through product management, how to communicate the value via brand management, and how to deliver that value through customer management.

The product, brand and customer management teams work closely together to bring value to life for our customers based on their needs and aircraft mission. Our company’s main focus in our customer and we use both B2B and B2C marketing.

With my focus in brand marketing, I’m looking at ways to tell a story through our brand, gain trust, evoke emotions and keep a promise. This is done through our visuals such as our company logo, messaging and informative articles and placements.

Before continuing your marketing efforts, whether you’re working for a small or large company, keep in mind the best way to set up your marketing department for success.

By streamlining your product, brand and customer teams, you will not only create, communicate and deliver value, you just might start to retain customers and make a profit as well.

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