Brand Positioning in the name of Rolls-Royce

Positioning a brand can be tricky. There are a few important key terms to keep in mind when positioning a brand.

               Have a frame of reference (Links to an external site.). This means to identify your target market and relevant competition. Take Rolls-Royce (Links to an external site.) for instance. This company recently rebranded to better identify with its audience and hold up to its brand personality of being royalty. A Bentley would be Rolls-Royce’s closest competitor in the car industry and Honeywell would be Rolls Royce’s closest competitor in the jet engine category.

               The points of parity (Links to an external site.) for Rolls-Royce is making sure it is present in a competition’s common place. For cars, you can find a Rolls-Royce at the same dealer as you would find a Bentley, allowing Rolls-Royce to be easily available to like-minded customers. For jet engines, Rolls-Royce develops the same relationships with aircraft manufacturers as Honeywell has in the past. This allows Rolls-Royce to stay a relevant brand among competition.

               The points of difference (Links to an external site.) for Rolls-Royce is that the brand of cars is considered the most luxurious in the eyes of an average car buyer. Rolls-Royce products are faster and have a little more horsepower, giving it a unique selling proposition over its competitor. In the jet engine category, Rolls-Royce built an Airline Aircraft Availability Centre (Links to an external site.) in the UK for engine maintenance and monitoring. This new plant propelled Rolls-Royce into an innovative 24/7 service provider, which created this unique selling proposition against its competition.

               Overall, Rolls-Royce has great brand positioning among its competitors in a variety of categories. The company has upheld its tagline “inspiring greatness” like no other. When you’re up against the competition, take some notes from Rolls-Royce and you won’t regret it.

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