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Behind the Camera

Storytelling is more than words. It’s visual. It’s stimulating and piques curiosity. Without a story, a brand is left unrelatable; misunderstood. It’s important to humanize your brand to connect with your audience – and storytelling will get you there.

According to Kimberly A. Whitler, ex CMO and now professor, there are three reasons why storytelling should be a priority for marketersConnection being its number one.

“Storytelling is a fundamental human experience that unites people and drives stronger, deeper connections.”

At number two, Whitler believes storytelling is a powerful method for learning and that we should seek to learn everyday about the world around us. And finally at number three, because of media fragmentation, it’s important to think of storytelling as a tactical tool as well as a strategic one. Give consumers a completely different delivery each time through storytelling. It’s a sure shot at keeping them around.

The Visual Plan

               While working for one of the largest general aviation manufacturers in the world, I help bring storytelling to life through visuals. It starts with an idea. An idea that ties back to the brand perfectly. It lets people see the brand in a new light. For this aerospace company, it all started with the campaign idea “A New Sky Awaits.”

               Once the idea was conceptualized, I set out to plan one of the largest photography and videography shoots of my career. The first video shoot took place at our factory over a three-day span, bouncing between ten different buildings with a 20+ person film crew. Working 16-hour days, we were able to capture the build process of our aircraft and highlight the human element of the people who build our airplanes every day.

               Next, we went on location in the mountains to shoot five aircraft on the ground and in flight in the air over five days of photography and videography work. The schedules were constantly updated as we monitored weather and found the right daylight and angles for each product.

I’m finalizing film schedules at 40,000 ft on our way to shoot on location.

The Process

               Photography and videography shoots involve a ton of coordinating with airplanes, the pilots, the tower and the film crew. Weather can be a factor and so can duty day. Either way, the main goal in mind is to capture the right visuals to tell that brand story.

               For five days, we started before dawn and ended by dusk. We stuck to a shot list as well as took some creative liberties to bring a fresh look to the imagery we were capturing. When you put trust in the process, you can conquer some amazing things. In this case – those things were visuals to tell our new story as a brand.

On set capturing our product with talent. This shows the usability of the aircraft and makes the product more relatable using people.

In the photographer’s airplane ensuring we capture the visuals of the product in the sky. These are what we call our hero shots.

The Result

               In the end, the shoot was a success. The visuals became the main focus for the new “A Different Sky Awaits” campaign. It tells a visual story of what could be waiting for you in one of our products. The storytelling is both parts the imagery and the messaging.

               We decide to lead the campaign by breath-taking visuals, focusing on the endless possibilities of the sky. The results are rewarding. The work looks effortless. One would not imagine the behind-the-scenes creation of it all. That in itself is surely a story to tell.

A Different Sky Awaits.

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