Answer “Who Are You” with Brand Resonance

As a marketer, think of the company you work for. Can you truly pinpoint who you are as a brand? Are you able to answer the question confidently on who you are and what you bring to the table for consumers or business alike?

If you haven’t looked into it, brand resonance is your answer. Brand resonance helps brands get from understanding themselves to the relationship step with customers. Here’s how.

Let’s Focus on You

Look at yourself as a brand and begin to define these areas of brand salience. Find your point-of-parity and point-of-difference as a brand. Think about the decision-making process customers go through before choosing your brand or product.

Now it’s time to build up to performance and imagery to answer the question; what are you as a brand? Focus on your durability, services and price. Define the performance of these. And then sprinkle in some personality and values here too.

Ok, so what about your brand? What do you bring to the table? Here is where you’ll need to understand your credibility and superiority as a brand while understanding your brand-building feelings. The six feelings to define are: warm, fun, excitement, security, social approval and self-respect.

Let’s Focus on A Relationship

Now is the time to understand the repeated purchases and market share your brand brings. Is there a strong personal attachment with your audience to build a relationship with? If so, you might be able to foster a sense of community and engage with these prospects.

At this point, you have reached brand resonance. You’ll be able to define who you are, what you are and how you can build a foundational relationship with those you are targeting.

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